Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday Lovin'

September days have proved to be the essence of the ultimate Grey area. Since i received my GCSE results I've been doing some more waiting to get this next section of 2009 started. I've been in Limbo! just waiting to start doing something!
And finally, i officially start college tomorrow, armed with too many pens, big blue eyes, and a cloud of perfume.
Apart from some confusions and mix ups with my timetable that will surely carry on for a few weeks, I'm confident(ish) that college will be smooth sailing.
I do admit to suffering from nerves. I'm quite shy, and i think I'll be inadequate with my making new friends skills. I haven't had to make new friends for a couple of years!
The only two people i chatted to a little on induction day were nice, and i only approached them to use a lighter :S
Anyway, i'll take a picture of my 'fisrt day of college' outfit tomorrow!
E x

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