Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday feeling

Or lack of Friday feeling. I see 'The Friday Felling' as a feeling of new found freedom felt each Friday... and I'm really not feeling it.

With just one lesson in college today, i found making myself look nice pointless, as not that many people were going to see me.

I got my new Laura Ashely Cardigan i bought from ebay the other dayyy. Its so lovely!

My resent buys incluuuude;

This Lipsy Skirt from Asos,

And these groovy boots from Clarks.

Today i Wore;

Peplum Dress; NewLook

Shoes&Black top; H&M

Hand Knitted purple Scarf; Collinatte Point 5

Sorry my hair looks a mess like i didn't do anything with it, as thats becasue my hair was a mess and i didn't do anything with it ;D


Lovely, Lovely homework to do, sweeties to be eaten.

E x

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