Thursday, 27 May 2010

So, two exams left, and my head is still jammed with Language terms! Just bouncing about, never to be used again! ah, enough of that. bleached my hair again and again. Photos soon!

its wonderful Whit week soon, and i plan on using the late May days walking and writing. Seeing old friends, watching the new Sex and the City film, and revison revison revison.

this weeks outfits;

result of too much coffee in the morning...

PopBoutique Dress,H&M cardigan and Belt

Dorothy Perkins Dress. Worn with earrings, and my dignity.

Skirt & Top; H&M

Belt & Bangle; Vintage

Also, for an early birthday present my dad bought me these! ; oh, i can't wait for them to arrive. Very drained indeed.

GoodNight, Elle

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I'm close to regretting going blond, as being a silly shy creature of the North, i don't quite relish in being wolf-whilsted like many girls around here. I've always lived in Liverpool, but I've haven't ever picked up any traits of the region, most of all not the accent. Thank Lord!

Walking home from college, laden with books, sunnies on, fag in hand, clearly exhausted! and a taxi driver man, drives past and leans out the window to whistle at me!

Oh summers, comes out the bees, beauties, and bloody rude men!

Upon lighter topics, one exam down, three to go!

That's how i should like my hair....

anyway, bath time.

Elle x

Monday, 17 May 2010


For college, and munching, and learning, and writing. and giggling in the girls lavatory, for lazy trains home, and bustling village shoppers, for cheeky fags out the window, for scrawled prose. And for dancing around the living room like a loon. oh all these things are the things i look forward to in the summer.

Hazy days at otterspool, and tanning in the garden, for the buzzings of my Daddy's bees around our luscious flowers, for pastries and orange juice...

Today i wore everything from H&M except my shoes... they're from Primark

Elle x

Friday, 14 May 2010

This is a lovely way to spend an evening*

Ahh gloomy May days are beauties. Today I have snoozed and bathed and painted my nails silver…ready for an evening of FunFunFun. In two hours I am to meet my deary sister at Liverpool central to watch the hilarious though serious play Cannery. Then to meet a friend afterwards for drinkie-pops in some student bars… before then I am to curl my straw like locks from the bleaching (:S) and paint my face with ivory cream, rosy dust, and BlackBlack coal.

My Wednesday purchases are wonderful, I had intended to wonder many shops, but I accidentally contained myself in H&M and spent most of my money there. I bought at cardigan, skirt, jacket, and two vests. Then shoes and underwear in Newlook. What fun :D

i had the most wonderful evening, with my sister, her boyfriend and two friends who saw the play too. and on my way home, i was asked for a spare cig, i obliged because of my lovely mood and had just bought a packet. then as i turned the corner, and old eccentric man fell into step with me, i didn't mind as i had seen and heard him charm the ladies in the chemist and tell me i should be a model.

Anyway, i didn't ignore his questions, and eventually he says he’s a play write then makes a poem on the spot about me. it was quite nice, things like things like blond hair, ever so fair. he could have been the dodgiest old man, but said some lovely things that i will take into account, as when young people compliment me i don't believe it, but older people i really do.

*can’t think of anything, I’d rather doo.

GoodNight xx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

oh, Plans

So, Mamma got some back pay from something, and promptly handed me £100 (my cigarette almost dropped from my mouth at the image and my mind whirring about the things I would buy) not only about that, but the absolute rarity of my Mother giving me money when I haven’t washed the dishes! Now, in today’s economy, one hundred pounds would buy you two things if that, in TopShop… and so I have written a list of things I will buy (sad) and the estimate prices…
I’m really rather excited actually. I think I’ll start off at the Oxfam on Liverpool’s wonderful Bold Street;

Its just on the left there, and I always always find something there. Be it a string of beads, the perfect dress, and a book I lent from the library two years ago and always wanted to buy.
Then, our poor, historical Lewis’s is closing down, after being open since 1857, and so there are many bargains to be found there.

After that, I plan on wondering back down Bold Street, stopping off at Holland & Barrette, then braving Liverpool Church street, which doesn’t just have the obstacle of busy shoppers, but of places such as Schuh Liverpool, Accessorize, and the drool worthy new Topshop and L'occitane shops. My destination after these places is H&M and PopBoutique.
Where I am to purchase a skirt, grey jeans, a blazer, and perhaps some new heels. Then off to PopBoutique, where i have my eye on a dress. My plan with of course be foiled by something beautiful, not on the list.

Soon, I shall unearth my camera and take pictures of my many favourite outfits. Another thing on my to do list, is get a hair cut! All this bleaching has weakened my thick, healthy hair into awful rats tails. A platinum long bob is what I aim for… long enough to curl on my nights out.

oh, dear Liverpool, with your culture and your mellow excitement, such strange inviting aura's it posses‘, my city, my mini metropolis, with all the wonder and fun, and calm cafĂ©’s and familiar sights. We Liverpoolians have such bad connotations attached to us, but if you should visit our city, with someone who really knows Liverpool, and not a guide that sticks to our new tourist attractions, anybody should find it to be such a perfect city. Not too big, not too small.
Oh, when I alight into the central train station, upon the stairs and out into the air, I feel content. Tomorrow should be a good day, wondering my city alone, shopping at my own pace and stopping for a cigarette whenever I wish.

Elle x

Monday, 10 May 2010

Dear Time...

My, My, how very long it has been. And how very much has happened, and how very awful I feel about not posting, and now posting as I am single. Oh, boyfriends, who needs then? He consumed my thoughts, my writing, my look, my everything for all too long , and for what? To be cheated on, and to be told that he’ll change? Oh please.
Moving on to nicer things, I have written and written, happily and sadly, I have had many a’ drunk night, many sweet days with films, pancakes and cigarettes in bed, alone or not, lots of shopping, new shoes and skirts and dresses and changing my hair colour, and cosy vanilla lattes. Though I am sad about my twat-arsed boyfriend betraying me, after getting to know each other so well, with plans and sleepy days, wild nights, and mellow evenings at the cinema, silent company and heated debates (arguments).
Oh well, exams loom, and I am excited. For the exams, for the exams to end. To stay with my sister in her new house in stoke-on-Trent.

Perfect Strangers

Shy sketches, new blushes, beauties yet to be explored,
hearts to yet be dived into.
Bubbles of pristine simplicity, rolling contentedly along soiled grounds of opposite hearts.
Comforting too and fro of a train carriage, comforting meditation of optimism and naivety,
These strangers have hearts and minds unknowingly connected -
though each vessel of strange fantasies bare similar essentials-
those hearts remain uninformed, remain strangers who share life’s novel coincidences of being-
Fatedly, yes- upon a track of many things, with pure origin and soul purpose to take a body to where it is to reside.
Content, incomplete.
(22nd January, a man on the train the other day sketching while I read, I felt a pull to him, then I had to get off)

Thats one of my favourite things i've written...

Toodle Pip

Elle x