Monday, 10 May 2010

Dear Time...

My, My, how very long it has been. And how very much has happened, and how very awful I feel about not posting, and now posting as I am single. Oh, boyfriends, who needs then? He consumed my thoughts, my writing, my look, my everything for all too long , and for what? To be cheated on, and to be told that he’ll change? Oh please.
Moving on to nicer things, I have written and written, happily and sadly, I have had many a’ drunk night, many sweet days with films, pancakes and cigarettes in bed, alone or not, lots of shopping, new shoes and skirts and dresses and changing my hair colour, and cosy vanilla lattes. Though I am sad about my twat-arsed boyfriend betraying me, after getting to know each other so well, with plans and sleepy days, wild nights, and mellow evenings at the cinema, silent company and heated debates (arguments).
Oh well, exams loom, and I am excited. For the exams, for the exams to end. To stay with my sister in her new house in stoke-on-Trent.

Perfect Strangers

Shy sketches, new blushes, beauties yet to be explored,
hearts to yet be dived into.
Bubbles of pristine simplicity, rolling contentedly along soiled grounds of opposite hearts.
Comforting too and fro of a train carriage, comforting meditation of optimism and naivety,
These strangers have hearts and minds unknowingly connected -
though each vessel of strange fantasies bare similar essentials-
those hearts remain uninformed, remain strangers who share life’s novel coincidences of being-
Fatedly, yes- upon a track of many things, with pure origin and soul purpose to take a body to where it is to reside.
Content, incomplete.
(22nd January, a man on the train the other day sketching while I read, I felt a pull to him, then I had to get off)

Thats one of my favourite things i've written...

Toodle Pip

Elle x

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