Tuesday, 11 May 2010

oh, Plans

So, Mamma got some back pay from something, and promptly handed me £100 (my cigarette almost dropped from my mouth at the image and my mind whirring about the things I would buy) not only about that, but the absolute rarity of my Mother giving me money when I haven’t washed the dishes! Now, in today’s economy, one hundred pounds would buy you two things if that, in TopShop… and so I have written a list of things I will buy (sad) and the estimate prices…
I’m really rather excited actually. I think I’ll start off at the Oxfam on Liverpool’s wonderful Bold Street;

Its just on the left there, and I always always find something there. Be it a string of beads, the perfect dress, and a book I lent from the library two years ago and always wanted to buy.
Then, our poor, historical Lewis’s is closing down, after being open since 1857, and so there are many bargains to be found there.

After that, I plan on wondering back down Bold Street, stopping off at Holland & Barrette, then braving Liverpool Church street, which doesn’t just have the obstacle of busy shoppers, but of places such as Schuh Liverpool, Accessorize, and the drool worthy new Topshop and L'occitane shops. My destination after these places is H&M and PopBoutique.
Where I am to purchase a skirt, grey jeans, a blazer, and perhaps some new heels. Then off to PopBoutique, where i have my eye on a dress. My plan with of course be foiled by something beautiful, not on the list.

Soon, I shall unearth my camera and take pictures of my many favourite outfits. Another thing on my to do list, is get a hair cut! All this bleaching has weakened my thick, healthy hair into awful rats tails. A platinum long bob is what I aim for… long enough to curl on my nights out.

oh, dear Liverpool, with your culture and your mellow excitement, such strange inviting aura's it posses‘, my city, my mini metropolis, with all the wonder and fun, and calm café’s and familiar sights. We Liverpoolians have such bad connotations attached to us, but if you should visit our city, with someone who really knows Liverpool, and not a guide that sticks to our new tourist attractions, anybody should find it to be such a perfect city. Not too big, not too small.
Oh, when I alight into the central train station, upon the stairs and out into the air, I feel content. Tomorrow should be a good day, wondering my city alone, shopping at my own pace and stopping for a cigarette whenever I wish.

Elle x

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