Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Work, Work, Work

My weeks cannot be defined into any one mood. Gloom and giddy happiness mingle together very frequently. An odd pair, indeed.
My inner poet is stretching her arms more and more recently, my English tutors are even beginning to tell me to tone it down. But its just the way i write, not a single qualified college tutor can quench my nature.

Such smooth revelations, cooling, calming, renting, retching… a life cannot be defined
But these incoherent imagines sweep our minds-
Hazy, fluttering.

E x

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Thanks Gmail...

how lovely it is to not be able to access your emails! going all the way back to late September...
Such wonders that technology brings to my hectic Alevel life...
Lord knows what i'm missing with all those unavailable emails just sitting there...
And what a bad Blogger i am, hardly posting at all, without a memory card for my camera (lost on a resent Drunken Excursion...) i cannot post some of my favourite Winter outfits. I wait all year to drag out my coats and jumpers...
Though they have been handy in making me look good for a full day of learning and a full night of drinking (Gosh, i love student life..)
No writing to post either, my life is full of dull essay's and 'creative' writing pieces to please my teachers, not to satisfy my creative needs!!
Anyway, soup to be cooked =D
E xx