Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Labelled England’s Classic Resort, the tiny town of Southport truly is perfection. Not only does Southport have large city attractions such as high street shops and huge commercial over-charging coffee houses such as Starbucks, Southport is crammed to the brim of quirky village qualities and locations.

Things to do? Oh Lord, like I could list them? Simply type in ‘Southport’ to your search bar, and see what it bring you! Beautiful hotels, fun days out, its just so classic! With all the usual fun little conventional things to do with a Sea Side resort that’s been around for decades!

Anyway, I’m talking about one of my favourite places in the world because its only a thirty minute train journey away, and my sister is staying there with her boyfriend before she goes back to Uni in Staffordshire in September, where I have been invited to stay for a few days this week.

The weather is meant to be rainy, usually my favourite, but when I’m going somewhere lovely and sunny… I’d like it to be lovely and sunny. I’m very disappointed my camera is still broken, as I’d love to take pictures of the new things I’ve bought and the fun times I’ll be having this week. Alas, I also can’t pot because my sisters flat doesn’t have internet at the moment!

Just about done packing, and I’ll be off for the train now. Did I mention I’m seventeen today? I’m not fond of my birthday and had planned to ignore it, but parents will be parents and still gave me cards at stupid o’clock in the morning.

Funny how I never feel older or wiser when birthdays come, then insignificant events make me grow.

Fare well Darlings,