Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Writing something very small because my boyfriend told me too.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Labelled England’s Classic Resort, the tiny town of Southport truly is perfection. Not only does Southport have large city attractions such as high street shops and huge commercial over-charging coffee houses such as Starbucks, Southport is crammed to the brim of quirky village qualities and locations.

Things to do? Oh Lord, like I could list them? Simply type in ‘Southport’ to your search bar, and see what it bring you! Beautiful hotels, fun days out, its just so classic! With all the usual fun little conventional things to do with a Sea Side resort that’s been around for decades!

Anyway, I’m talking about one of my favourite places in the world because its only a thirty minute train journey away, and my sister is staying there with her boyfriend before she goes back to Uni in Staffordshire in September, where I have been invited to stay for a few days this week.

The weather is meant to be rainy, usually my favourite, but when I’m going somewhere lovely and sunny… I’d like it to be lovely and sunny. I’m very disappointed my camera is still broken, as I’d love to take pictures of the new things I’ve bought and the fun times I’ll be having this week. Alas, I also can’t pot because my sisters flat doesn’t have internet at the moment!

Just about done packing, and I’ll be off for the train now. Did I mention I’m seventeen today? I’m not fond of my birthday and had planned to ignore it, but parents will be parents and still gave me cards at stupid o’clock in the morning.

Funny how I never feel older or wiser when birthdays come, then insignificant events make me grow.

Fare well Darlings,


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lets Ponder

And Lo! The light! And so now I ponder “these years of trial and hell have led to this delight!
Oh what love? Only ethereal happiness and sun shine raise. My heart basking in glorious… nay! divine beauty.” ah an expanding glow, like lazy sunny winter mornings, melting sparkles in feather light, illuminating soft, content, jovial smiles.

(19th April 2010 dreamy optimistic talk with a friend, about how our trials are rewarded in the end)
Broken Camera and no job to do lovely summery things, though walks and lazy garden days are lovely. Just a thought.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

(13th June 2010 1:24)

this came about during an eye opening conversation with a friend, in the wee hours. I'd like to develop my Blog, as i aspire to be a writer, not a fashonista or whatever, I'm driven by what i think. sometimes i wish to share what i think...

"...Like death, death is the only certainly we have. Why run from it? When it’s the only thing we can truly trust? Lets hold on to this blanket! Embrace what is right and true and dependable.
And why, why oh Why, Why do we run from love. Platonic, romantic. Whichever ‘ic’ we come by, because we’re afraid, what’s a little heart break? Some lost time and gained or lost pounds. A human likes to be within the throngs of love and passion every now and again, gives you something to use as thoughts and as wisdom.
Oh mistakes, embarrassments, regrets, awful decisions and beautiful declarations or actions not reciprocated. Oh Lord! Get over it! Of course, dwell and wallow, sure, be my bloody guest. But to carry them around for months afterwards is nothing more than ridiculous, and a waste of what few brain cells we humans use. "
Sometimes my friends tell me i'm too honest, that my honestly is disconcerting, and uncommon. i am not afraid of truth, Lies hurt more than truth.

Monday, 7 June 2010


So, this past week I’ve done nothing but distract myself with things to forget the minutes and life I’m passing. By shopping, and taking walks which I make long with ‘errands’ such as getting my mothers prescription then “forgetting” my sisters so I have to go back. With tidying my room, with reading my poetry books in the garden, trying in vain to get a tan. Alas, I am a typical English rose, and it will not happen, and so! I have been using this;

its very light, smooths your skin, and it isn't patchy at all! plus, it has a beautifully subtle smell, a little like cucumber...

much to my frustration, my camera has had a little tantrum and will not work! thankfully the pictures on is are salvageable, though i'm so disappointed i can't take pictures of my new shoes (!!) not the wedges, but these beautiful 80's red heels. i'll have to nick my Dad's camera just to put a picture on here!

I've been reading this;

and listening to this;

it's been a nice week. Also! last Friday (28th May) i went on a drunken excursion with two friends and wore this;

Skirt & Cardigan & Vest- H&M

Shoes- Primark

sorry about the shite pictures, i was already running late :')


Thursday, 27 May 2010

So, two exams left, and my head is still jammed with Language terms! Just bouncing about, never to be used again! ah, enough of that. bleached my hair again and again. Photos soon!

its wonderful Whit week soon, and i plan on using the late May days walking and writing. Seeing old friends, watching the new Sex and the City film, and revison revison revison.

this weeks outfits;

result of too much coffee in the morning...

PopBoutique Dress,H&M cardigan and Belt

Dorothy Perkins Dress. Worn with earrings, and my dignity.

Skirt & Top; H&M

Belt & Bangle; Vintage

Also, for an early birthday present my dad bought me these! ; oh, i can't wait for them to arrive. Very drained indeed.

GoodNight, Elle

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I'm close to regretting going blond, as being a silly shy creature of the North, i don't quite relish in being wolf-whilsted like many girls around here. I've always lived in Liverpool, but I've haven't ever picked up any traits of the region, most of all not the accent. Thank Lord!

Walking home from college, laden with books, sunnies on, fag in hand, clearly exhausted! and a taxi driver man, drives past and leans out the window to whistle at me!

Oh summers, comes out the bees, beauties, and bloody rude men!

Upon lighter topics, one exam down, three to go!

That's how i should like my hair....

anyway, bath time.

Elle x