Friday, 24 July 2009

Lazy Days

The other day we ran out of tea bags (a regular occurrence in my house, as i simply drink tea and nothing else...almost.) and so i decided that instead of just popping into the local shop, I'd walk to Sainsburys.
Which, of course, called for me to look nice.
i wore;
Blue Peplum Dress; NewLook
Red Cardigan; MKOne
Red Shoes; Dorothy Perkins
Vintage Beret; Harrods (obviously not bought vintage, it was my mothers)
I Love Tea Necklace& Red HangBag= Presents.

The other week i bought some new shoesss =D


Dorothy Perkins

I love them all!

I think i like H&M :S


I also got out three new books from the Library; 'Revenge of the Wedding Planner' , 'A Long Long Way Down', and something i foolishly can't remember the name of!

Love E xxx

Sunday, 19 July 2009

What i Wore 18th July

Dress; PopBoutique
Belt; Vintage
Shoes; H&M
Watch Pendant; Present- jeweller.
This is what i wore yesterdayyy, you'd probably think i was too hot with it being the middle of July. HA. No such bad look. that's what i love about England, this time of summer for us usually turns rainy and windy; my favourite kind of weather.
I teamed it with a red handbag, and leopard print umbrella. =D
E xxx

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Sunny Days

Now that its summer, and my mind has nothing to make it struggle, I have realised I’m not writing. I’m always writing, but when I’m not around things of inspiration… I don’t find my thoughts are making detailed descriptions of my surroundings.
This must be fixed!

Anyway, it was my 16th the other day (13th) and the day before I went for a picnic with some friends. It was a wonderful day, we ate, drank, played cards, and skipped along the grass. this is what i wore;

dress; PopBoutique
shoes; H&M

Beads; Dorothy Perkins

Belt; NewLook

Sorry about the Poor quality, guyss.

And here's some pictures of the day;

there are more, but uploading takes the piddle- I'm not a very patient person :S

and on the 14th i got my nose peirced. haaa, i've been waiting to get it done for years, i just had to be 16!

its been a very calm, lazy summer so far, and despite a few things, i'm really enjoying myself.

Am going to do some more 'what i wore' posts soon.

E xxx