Sunday, 20 June 2010

(13th June 2010 1:24)

this came about during an eye opening conversation with a friend, in the wee hours. I'd like to develop my Blog, as i aspire to be a writer, not a fashonista or whatever, I'm driven by what i think. sometimes i wish to share what i think...

"...Like death, death is the only certainly we have. Why run from it? When it’s the only thing we can truly trust? Lets hold on to this blanket! Embrace what is right and true and dependable.
And why, why oh Why, Why do we run from love. Platonic, romantic. Whichever ‘ic’ we come by, because we’re afraid, what’s a little heart break? Some lost time and gained or lost pounds. A human likes to be within the throngs of love and passion every now and again, gives you something to use as thoughts and as wisdom.
Oh mistakes, embarrassments, regrets, awful decisions and beautiful declarations or actions not reciprocated. Oh Lord! Get over it! Of course, dwell and wallow, sure, be my bloody guest. But to carry them around for months afterwards is nothing more than ridiculous, and a waste of what few brain cells we humans use. "
Sometimes my friends tell me i'm too honest, that my honestly is disconcerting, and uncommon. i am not afraid of truth, Lies hurt more than truth.

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