Monday, 7 June 2010


So, this past week I’ve done nothing but distract myself with things to forget the minutes and life I’m passing. By shopping, and taking walks which I make long with ‘errands’ such as getting my mothers prescription then “forgetting” my sisters so I have to go back. With tidying my room, with reading my poetry books in the garden, trying in vain to get a tan. Alas, I am a typical English rose, and it will not happen, and so! I have been using this;

its very light, smooths your skin, and it isn't patchy at all! plus, it has a beautifully subtle smell, a little like cucumber...

much to my frustration, my camera has had a little tantrum and will not work! thankfully the pictures on is are salvageable, though i'm so disappointed i can't take pictures of my new shoes (!!) not the wedges, but these beautiful 80's red heels. i'll have to nick my Dad's camera just to put a picture on here!

I've been reading this;

and listening to this;

it's been a nice week. Also! last Friday (28th May) i went on a drunken excursion with two friends and wore this;

Skirt & Cardigan & Vest- H&M

Shoes- Primark

sorry about the shite pictures, i was already running late :')


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