Friday, 14 May 2010

This is a lovely way to spend an evening*

Ahh gloomy May days are beauties. Today I have snoozed and bathed and painted my nails silver…ready for an evening of FunFunFun. In two hours I am to meet my deary sister at Liverpool central to watch the hilarious though serious play Cannery. Then to meet a friend afterwards for drinkie-pops in some student bars… before then I am to curl my straw like locks from the bleaching (:S) and paint my face with ivory cream, rosy dust, and BlackBlack coal.

My Wednesday purchases are wonderful, I had intended to wonder many shops, but I accidentally contained myself in H&M and spent most of my money there. I bought at cardigan, skirt, jacket, and two vests. Then shoes and underwear in Newlook. What fun :D

i had the most wonderful evening, with my sister, her boyfriend and two friends who saw the play too. and on my way home, i was asked for a spare cig, i obliged because of my lovely mood and had just bought a packet. then as i turned the corner, and old eccentric man fell into step with me, i didn't mind as i had seen and heard him charm the ladies in the chemist and tell me i should be a model.

Anyway, i didn't ignore his questions, and eventually he says he’s a play write then makes a poem on the spot about me. it was quite nice, things like things like blond hair, ever so fair. he could have been the dodgiest old man, but said some lovely things that i will take into account, as when young people compliment me i don't believe it, but older people i really do.

*can’t think of anything, I’d rather doo.

GoodNight xx

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