Wednesday, 9 September 2009

So Ell, What did you learn today?

*ponders* Not to leave cups of Tea on the floor by your bed, RIGHT next to your beautiful new Bag.

and it didn't just happen once. OHO NO! i knocked over a cup of coffee onto my new bag, then a cup of tea a couple of hours later.

Now then, about my new bag... i fell in love with it the SECOND i noticed it, sitting all alone on a lower shelf in Next, begging me to give it a home.

It's so damn perfect!! It's big enough for all my college books, and its Purrdy.

I'm also much further on with my winter scarf, I'm getting impatient for winter already, and its only the second week of September!

(please excuse the girly bed sheets and contact case)

E x

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