Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Gloomy Sunday

Though its not Sunday, nor was my Sunday gloomy. My Sunday was full of giggles and fun, all the while something too shocking loomed just ahead of us, so unseen, so un-thought of. returning home after what was a perfect day, home to cosy room and awful news.

A friend of ours died, bringing down such huge realisation's, and shocks upon us. Many words were on our lips, though hardly anything was said. Our friends don't die, but one of our friends died. Our Sunday was perfect, while all that time a lovely person could not be laughing somewhere else too. It could have been anyone, someone closer to me.

Beautiful, cool dappled light surrounded us all day, sometimes bright, sometimes kind and soft.

It was a lovely day.
Monday i wore this;

Dress; PopBoutique,

Cardigan& Belt; H&M


Bag; Next

Bangle; Mums Vintage

E x

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