Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Thoughtful Days

So I had a bit of an epiphany the other week, which I’ll copy in… its origin is a blur to me, and I don’t remember writing it either. Chances are I was either very sad, or a little bit drunk.

"I don’t see why people can’t see how.. I can hardly put it into words.
People are usually afraid of loving, yes? Because it’s harder to love than to hate, because being hurt is just too easily done, because they’re afraid of being themselves and showing people who they are… afraid they wont be accepted?
WELL, SO WHAT?! Some cynics say there is no such thing as true love, no one will ever fall in love, they’ll die alone… don’t they realise everyone falls in love? It’s the lucky one’s who fall in love with someone at the same time as the other. It’s a fact of life. It’s human nature to love people, to desire companionship… and to reproduce. That’s what we were made for! that’s what is programmed in our body’s and in our heads and in our hearts!
Why can’t people see this? Why can’t people see no matter where one goes, one will always find someone who loves one for who one is? Friends are everywhere. Love is everywhere. It’s just guts are needed to peruse life! Why be afraid of falling in love? If you get hurt… its not the end of the world, it won’t kill you. You’ll just learn."

Anyway, i felt like sharing my thoughts today.

i am longing for Winter. i know that it's summer, and its the 'best' season and all that... but i disagree. i long for chilly days to wrap up warm, and meet your friends in a cosy Pub.
I long for the cold blanket of winter. Its shelters, its darkness. I long to look outside in the morning, and have my windows reveal to me the darkness of night, but the freshness of a new, dark day. I want to shiver and shake outside. I want to watch my breath before me, like sparkling blocks of steam. I want the rain to crash onto the earth, not flitter down softly, softly like snow. I want it to come down in destructive sheets, not float kindly upon the ground. I want layers upon layers of cloths to make a pretty barrier between me and the world. I want to encase my feet with tights, and socks, and boots that click upon the pavement and create an obstacle while walking on icy ground.

This Summer has not been a total flop though, there have been some nice drunken excursions.

I have other photo's on my camera, but i can't seem to find the upload lead... I'll add them on here along side a picture of what i wore when i find it.


What i wore;
Dress; PopBoutique
Belt; Vintage
Shoes; Red Or Dead
Earrings; Dorothy Perkins

Love E xx

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