Sunday, 23 August 2009


Those beautifully lazy, calm days left to be enjoyed. To be used in whatever tranquil way wished, wanted, desired, a day in which whims are welcomed.

A lovely day i have spent laying in bed watching 'The Gilmore Girls' on DVD, drinking tea and eating cheese on toast. not a particularly productive day, but I've decided this Summer will be the last i can spend doing nothing, the last Summer of my life i have absolutely no restraints or obligations.

Summer 09, the epitome of laziness.

I also had a lovely Sunday last week, spending the day at the Liverpool Docks. we visited Tate Liverpool, and there was a fabulous festival of sorts, in which we saw a fat man juggle knives while drinking a pint. At the same time a skinny man wriggled free of a forty foot chain and straight jacket. Such Fun.

There was a tent full of children painting, so we went in with hope of face painting (you'd never guess my friends are 19) and we found two huge drops of paper against one wall with lots of children's paintings and things. So we decided to put paint of our hands and put our hand prints of the wall!

Guess who's is the tiny one? It looks like a family! Daddy, Mother, and child in the middle!

And we bought sweets from the sweet shop on the Dock, and while we were eating, looking around at the water and the sky line of our wonderful, cultural city, i turned around and was drawn (literally!!) to this little accessory shop with beautiful bracelets in the window. i had to buy one.

I'll take a picture in a little while.

E x

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