Saturday, 27 June 2009

All New

First a note; i made a blog a few weeks ago containing the same things that I'm going to post now. I had to delete that account because i was using an email address that had been disabled. soo here i am re-posting all the stuff i put in my other Blog. Note over.

So, I’m completely new to this, and I hardly know what most of the Blogger lingo is, let alone where to start. Recently, I’ve been thinking of setting up a blog, in which I can post things I’ve written to have it out there in the world, and not feel like I’m being ridiculed or judged.
I’ll start with some Basic info, then. My first name is Ellette, its Latin and it means little elf. I live in Liverpool- England (I don’t have the ridiculous Liverpool accent that we are SO famous for, though.) and I’m fifteen years old, soon to be sixteen. ‘Though, I haven’t felt like I’m my age since I was about five. I’m a natural blond but I’m sporting a dark brunette look to seem a little more sophisticated.
I’m one of those rare people (or it seems so these day) who would rather be in my bed with a good book and a pot of tea, than out getting drunk, for the sake of being drunk. I believe one should drink to experience the nice effects it gives one, such as being relaxed enough to have a good dance.
I decided to create this Blog now, because yesterday, 18th June 2009, I sat my very last high school exam. I’m free! And feel very liberated and elated to be rid of high school life forever. To never have to endure those cringe worthy moments of complete idiocy from all of those in my year who are not as mature as myself. I think I have brought it on myself, of course. None of my friends are within my age boundary at all, all being 18+.

And so, upon this momentous week, I decided to finally start something I’ve always wanted- my very own place in cyber-space.

I think that was a successful initial introduction of myself.

Love, E.

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